Our Story

The Genial Squad is one of the best ERP solution providers in the world. We have a team of experienced ODOO experts who are working in ODOO since 5-8 Years. We are providing all forms of ERP Applications. We have been operating in the ODOO ERP market since 2018. However we are new in business but having 5-8 Year of vast amount of Experience along with us, who has almost 100% of implementation records. And have an excellent record of finding effective solutions in every sector. Our mission is to provide best solution to our clients in the best way possible: through the Open Source ODOO. The brain of our organisation is our strategy unit, which hosts some of the best and brightest planners,  and we use weekly project management system. Dealing with us is just the beginning of our journey. As our tag line says it all about us, you need to BELIEVE on us, in  the TIME, we will give you SOLUTION and make you HAPPY (Because at last that's what matters to us) 

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